Adding Fun to Family Camping: Must-Have Entertainment Items

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Enjoy screen-free camping with your kids with these must have entertainment items that are easy to pack and fun for the while family.

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Camping isn’t just about exploring nature; it’s also a chance to bond with your family and make lasting memories without electronics.

It’s easy to pull out a screen the moment the kids are bored, but here are some simple and open ended items that kids (and the whole family) can play with for more fun!

Screen Free Camping Entertainment Items

To make the most of your family camping trip, consider packing some of these fun items:

  1. Frisbee: A lightweight and versatile choice, perfect for games or even as a makeshift plate. Fun for all ages and skill levels.
  2. Soccer Ball: Ideal for a friendly match, fostering teamwork and healthy competition. Just need an open field or spacious campsite.
  3. Hacky Sack: Small and portable, great for improving coordination. Can be played alone or in a group.
  4. Playing Cards: Timeless entertainment for evenings or rainy days. Offers endless game possibilities for all ages.
  5. Board Games and Puzzles: Choose travel-sized options for family bonding during downtime or relaxing evenings.
  6. Water Toys: If you’re camping near water, bring along inflatables, water guns, or simple sand toys for younger kids. Perfect for cooling off and water fun.
  7. Binoculars: Excellent for bird watching or exploring nature. Adds an educational element to your trip.
  8. Journal or Sketchbook: Encourage documenting camping experiences through writing or drawing, a creative way to capture memories.
  9. Glow Sticks or LED Lights: Safe and amusing, these can be used for night games or as festive lighting around the campsite.

These items are sure to enhance your camping experience, providing a balance of activity, relaxation, and fun. They are not just about keeping busy; they’re about creating moments and memories with your family under the open sky.

When the sun goes down, make sure to check out these nighttime activities to do while camping!

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