Camping with Kids on Rainy Days: Fun Activities

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Rainy camping activities to keep your family occupied and having fun during your camping trip, even if the weather isn’t cooperating!

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When camping with kids, rain can change your plans, but it doesn’t have to spoil the fun.

Resist the urge to pull out the tablets and instead enjoy some screen free camping activities. These easy and fun camping activities are great for kids and adults alike, even when stuck inside the tent during a rainstorm.

Rainy Day Camping Activities

There are plenty of activities perfect for rainy days that keep the adventure going:

  1. Tent Storytelling: Create stories together in the tent, sparking creativity and improving listening skills.
  2. Raindrop Races: Cheer on raindrops sliding down the tent window. It’s simple and surprisingly fun.
  3. Nature Art and Crafts: Make art with leaves and twigs, like leaf rubbings or rock painting, to encourage a love for nature.
  4. Indoor Scavenger Hunt: Set up a hunt inside the tent or under a shelter. It’s an active game that boosts problem-solving skills.
  5. Rain Music: Use utensils to make music matching the rain’s rhythm, promoting musical skills.
  6. Games: Board and card games are great for family bonding and keeping minds active.
  7. Camp Cooking: Safe and simple cooking activities teach kids basic culinary skills and teamwork.
  8. Rain Gauge: Measure rainfall with a homemade gauge, introducing kids to basic weather concepts.
  9. Journaling or Drawing: Encourage kids to write or draw about their camping experience, fostering self-expression and observation.
  10. Puppet Show: Make puppets and perform shows, enhancing storytelling and creativity.
  11. Indoor Obstacle Course: Create a course in a large tent or shelter for physical activity and motor skill development.
  12. Map Making: Draw maps of the campsite or a dream camping spot to spark imagination and learn basic mapping.
  13. Raindrop Art: Create patterns with raindrops and paint on paper, exploring art and weather effects.
  14. DIY Lanterns: Make lanterns with jars and lights, encouraging creativity and providing useful tent lighting.
  15. Knot Tying: Practice different knots, teaching valuable camping skills and improving fine motor skills.
  16. Guessing Games: Play games like “I Spy” or “20 Questions,” encouraging critical thinking about nature and camping.
  17. Yoga or Stretching: Stay active with tent-friendly yoga or stretching sessions, great for relaxation and physical wellness.
  18. Reading Time: Enjoy storytime with camping-themed books, promoting reading and relaxation.

Rainy days camping with kids can be filled with enjoyable, educational activities that make the most of your time together, rain or shine.

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