Enchanting Nighttime Activities for Kids on Family Camping Trips

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When camping with kids, nighttime activities can be just as fun as day time activities! These fun ideas will are perfect for families to enjoy when the sun goes down.

two tents in the dark with lights on top

Activities to do at night when camping with kids

When the sun sets on your family camping trip, the fun doesn’t have to end. Nighttime offers a whole new world of activities that can be both exciting and educational for kids. Here are some enjoyable nighttime activities that can keep the adventure going under the stars:

  1. Stargazing: Grab a blanket and lie back to watch the stars. Teach kids how to identify constellations and planets. For an added educational twist, bring a star chart or use a stargazing app on your phone to help find and name celestial objects.
  2. Night Hikes: Equip everyone with flashlights or headlamps and take a short walk around the campsite. Night hikes are great for listening to nocturnal wildlife sounds and experiencing the wilderness in a different way.
  3. Shadow Puppets: Using a flashlight and a tent wall, you can create an impromptu puppet show. This activity can spark creativity as kids come up with stories and characters for their shadow play.
  4. Glow-in-the-Dark Games: Bring along some glow sticks for games like ring toss or glow-in-the-dark frisbee. These games are not only fun but also safe and easy to play in the dark.
  5. Campfire Stories: Gather around the campfire for storytelling. Encourage kids to come up with their own stories or share family favorites. This time-honored tradition is a great way to bond and enjoy each other’s company.
  6. Nighttime Nature Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of things to find or hear at night, like a moth, a cricket’s chirp, or the rustle of leaves. Equip kids with flashlights and let them explore.
  7. Astronomy Lessons: Use the night sky as a classroom. Teach kids about different planets, how to find the North Star, and basic astronomy concepts.
  8. Flashlight Tag: A nighttime version of the classic game of tag, where ‘it’ uses a flashlight to find and tag other players.
  9. Photography: If you have a camera with a good night mode, teach kids about nighttime photography. Capturing images of the moon, stars, or even the campfire can be a fun and artistic activity.
  10. Listening Game: Sit quietly and listen to the sounds of the night. Try to identify different sounds, like the hoot of an owl or the rustling of leaves. This can be a calming activity and a great way to appreciate the quiet beauty of nature at night.
  11. Campfire Cooking: Make some classic campfire treats like s’mores or roasted marshmallows. Kids can learn about cooking over an open fire and enjoy a tasty snack.
  12. Looking for Wildlife: Discuss nocturnal animals and their habits. Use a quiet voice and a flashlight to spot some wildlife, like raccoons or owls, from a safe distance.

Safety is very important during nighttime activities. Make sure kids are always supervised, stay within the campsite boundaries, and have proper lighting. These activities not only provide entertainment but also offer a unique way to experience and learn about the natural world after dark.

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