Finding Kid Friendly Campgrounds

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Kid friendly campgrounds are important when you are camping with your family. This guide will help you figure out all the things you need to be aware of when choosing what campground to visit.

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We have all been there – you think you find the perfect spot for a quiet weekend of camping when your family, only to realize there’s a group of rowdy college kids next door who party all night long!

Finding a campground that suits the needs to your family is just as important as what camping gear you have. Here are some things to think about when making the choice for your next camping trip.

How to pick kid friendly campgrounds

Looking for the perfect camping spot for your family? Here are some easy tips to help you pick a great place where everyone, especially the kids, will have a blast:

  1. Do Some Homework: First, look online for campsites that say they’re great for families or kids. These places usually have cool stuff for children to do. Look for county and state campgrounds.
    • Stateparks – As the name suggests, search for your state parks.
    • – A government listing of federal lands for outdoor activities
    • Hipcamp – Campsites and RV spots, but also showcases extras like cell service maps
    • Campspot – Offers a range of outdoor overnight stay options.
  2. Read What Others Say: Check out what other families have said about the campsite online. They might have some really useful tips.
  3. Look for Fun Facilities: Good campsites have things like clean bathrooms, places to play, and spots for picnics. Also, having water to drink and a place to cook is super handy.
  4. Activities for Kids: Choose a campsite where there’s fun stuff to do like swimming, bike riding, or easy hiking trails.
  5. Stay Safe: Make sure the campsite is safe and well taken care of. If it’s too far away from everything, it might not be the best for little kids.
  6. Give Them a Call: If you’re not sure about something, just call the people who run the campsite. They can tell you all about it.
  7. Easy to Get To: Make sure the campsite isn’t too hard to get to, especially if you have a lot of things to carry or if your kids aren’t used to walking a lot.
  8. Close to Fun Stuff: If your kids like certain things like nature centers or cool places to visit, find a campsite that’s not too far from these attractions.
  9. Think About Location: Some families like being close to a town, while others want to be right in the middle of nature.
  10. Hiking Trails: If you want to go hiking, make sure the trails near the campsite are good for kids and not too tough.
  11. Ask Friends and Family: Sometimes the best advice comes from people you know who also go camping with their kids.
  12. Size of the Site: Bigger campsites might have more things to do, but smaller ones can be less crowded and easier to manage.

Every family is different, so think about what your kids like and what they need. With a little bit of planning, you can find the perfect campground for your family’s outdoor adventure!

Once you have picked out what campground you will be going to, make sure you have a family camping packing list that works for your family and a great system for setting up your campsite. This will ensure that your camping trip is as easy as possible so you can have more fun!

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