The Campfire Family is your online destination for all things family camping. 

We aim to make your outdoor experience simpler and more convenient. From gear guides to kids’ activities and easy camping recipes, we offer a wide range of resources to help you get the most out of your time in nature.

Camping with children should not require packing up your entire home or returning home feeling more exhausted than when you first ventured out.

Our mission is to be the best resources we can so that you can enjoy your family time that is as spectacular as your surroundings!

Welcome! We are Jenni + Joel, and we are so glad you are here!

Camping has always been important for us. We both grew up in families that camped often. Our first date was camping, and our first few years together we went camping all the time.

father setting up large tent with small toddler beside him

But when we started growing our family, it felt like our adventures started getting shorter and shorter, and farther and farther apart.

Nap times and daily routines took precedence over spending time under the stars.

The more kids we had, the harder it seemed to get back out into nature.

And then we realized that it had been years since we had been out. And we realized that the daily stress of our jobs and kids schedules had us aching to just be out in nature.

To sit around a campfire.

To stare at the stars.

To breathe.

So we decided we needed to change that – not only for our own sanity but for our kids’ well being, too.

So we made it our mission to get out as often as possible.

To figure out how to make camping with kids as simple as possible, but still as comfortable as possible, and as fun as possible.

And that’s how The Campfire Family was founded. Because we knew that if we had struggled with it, that other families were struggling to get outdoors, too.

And we want to help change that.

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