Camping with kids can be fun!

As parents of three young girls, we know that camping with kids can be both exhausting and rewarding.

We are here to make it simpler for you, so that you can make your experiences more enjoyable and memorable.

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As a family of 5, and we love getting out to hike and camp as often as we can. We started The Campfire Family as a way to help families make camping easier, simpler, and more fun. We are on a mission to help families pitch their tents more often.

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Camping Gear

Explore our gear guide for family camping! Here, we share easy tips and info to help you pick the right equipment for a comfy and enjoyable camping experience with your kids. From tents to sleeping bags, we’ve got you covered!

Camping Activities

Keep your kids entertained in the great outdoors. From nature scavenger hunts to campfire stories, discover easy and exciting ways to make your camping trip memorable for the whole family. Let the adventure begin!

Camping Recipes

Welcome to the camp kitchen! These easy and delicious recipes are perfect for family camping and will make outdoor cooking a breeze. Get ready to satisfy your family’s taste buds with mouthwatering meals that add a flavorful touch to your camping experience!

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Camping Basics

Explore the essential camping basics and learn to make outdoor adventures with children enjoyable and stress-free. These tips and tricks will ensure a memorable camping experience for both parents and kids.